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Group of 2 or 3 people: 99 €
Group of 4 people: 119 €
Group of 5 people: 139 €
Group of 6 people: 159 €
Group of 7 people: 179 €
Group of 8 people: 199 €
Party room: 199 €

Soft Drinks and Hot Drinks for free!

Choose your adventure and date below, enter your data and confirm - you’ll get a confirmation by email directly. You don’t need to tell us the team size now. At each adventure there’s info about how many players can go.

For appointments at other times, please use the contact form.
Only for bookings less than 24hrs in advance, please call directly: 069 – 30 85 39 50.

In case the calendar does’t work correctly, please use the contact form and tell us your name, address, mobile phone number and the room you want to play, plus date and time.

Booked single appointments can be changed until 14 days before the appointment.

Using vouchers?

Just book and pay normally. Bring your voucher with you. We will refund the amount you’ve paid online, depending on the value of your voucher.